iDocs 2012


iDocs ‘the interactive documentary genre’ is a topic I’ve been keeping an eye on for a while, in part because some of the people involved are previous colleagues but also from the little I knew of it I suspect it’s something I might have been doing myself for a long time – or at least I’ve strayed into the margins. After unavoidably missing iDocs events over the last year or so I finally caught up with a session at the recent Encounters  Festival.

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Producing digital stories for M Shed

Hartcliffe and Withywood Dad’s breakfast Club / Champloo B-boy and B-girl

I’ve been working on some freelance commissions for Bristol’s new museum and produced two sets of short films/digital stories sporting and family stories… Continue reading

Theatre Orchard – Storyshed, July 2010

I’ve been involved with Theatre Orchard Project for several years as photographer/designer and as a member of the Board of Trustees but in February 2010 began a 6 month project as Co-ordinator and workshop facilitator with Clodagh Miskelly and Paddy Uglow, on a two-part project with a Digital Storytelling Workshop as the first component and a related mixed-media installation as the other. Continue reading


‘Eighteen Summers’ – European Digital Storytelling Workshop, Watershed

Digital project it may have been but due to EU funding, multiple paper documents had to be sent back and forth, but that did result in a lovely stamp collection!

Digital project it may have been but due to EU funding, multiple paper documents had to be sent back and forth, but that did result in a lovely stamp collection!

What is digital storytelling?

Once upon a time we sat around the fire and told each other stories, now “young or old” we can do it with computers. We call this Digital Storytelling and it’s made possible by the new tools of media production. Daniel Meadows, BBC Capture Wales.

In the early 1990s Joe Lambert and Dana Atchley were experimenting to combine multimedia
and autobiographical performance in a theatre company in Berkeley California, USA.
Explorations about how personal narrative and storytelling could relate to and make use of the
emerging new digital media tools led to the development of the digital storytelling process and
the founding of the Center for Digital Storytelling.

Now, Digital Storytelling usually refers to a form of short, personal narrative told in the first
person, and presented as a short movie for display on a television or computer screen for
viewing in the home with friends and family or for anyone to see across the globe on the

Everybody has a story to tell and each story will have value and interest for others as well as for
the maker. Digital Storytelling is a process that allows an individual to create a short film using
personal archive material, such as photographs, and your own life experiences.
See also, Bristol Stories and Capture Wales.

Stories are equipment for living. Kenneth Burke, American literary critic.

I organised and was co-facilitator (with Clodagh Miskelly and Paddy Uglow) on an EU-funded digital storytelling workshop for older European learners from eleven different countries at Watershed where we assisted participants in making stories about their 18th summer. The fourteen stories created in the workshop can be viewed here.